Post Frenotomy Exercises



There is mounting evidence that post frenotomy exercises are extremely important to ensure that the tie does not re-join. Please familiarize yourself with these videos and the post release exercises before your procedure appointment.

  • 24 hours after the procedure you should begin the stretching exercises.
  • These are to be done 4 times per day, preferably after feeds when baby is happy.
  • If you have had a scissors release you will need to do these for 2 weeks.
  • If you have had a laser release you will need to do these for 4 weeks.


Follow this video posted by Michelle Emanuel to learn how to perform pain free post-frenotomy stretches for active wound management in the days following the tongue-tie treatment.


  • Tug-of-war -strengthens baby’s tongue
  • Stroke middle of tongue -strengthens the “cupping” of the tongue around your finger/nipple
  • Rub on sides of gum line -baby’s tongue should follow side to side